[PATCH] Properly initialize device_data_t when downloading

Linus Torvalds torvalds at linux-foundation.org
Sat Jun 15 21:37:12 PDT 2013

On Sat, Jun 15, 2013 at 6:07 PM, Tomaz Canabrava <tcanabrava at kde.org> wrote:
> Also, you said that the Cylinder / Weigth editions are worse than in GTK
> version, can you describe briefely why ? - remind you that I never dived
> used the program before - I'm helping to the Qt Transition becaus I think
> fun to hack, but never really using the software means that I sometimes
> make a change that I think is for the best, and actually make things
worse, I
> can deal with that, It's easy to revert something and do in another way.

So when I download a dive from a dive computer, the cylinders come
pre-populated with the gasmix information and with the beginning and ending
pressures (because subsurface gets all that from the dive computer).

In the gtk version, I can *see* those pressures (they'll be grayed out when
editing the cylinder information, though, because they are taken from the
sample data):

[image: Inline image 1]
Hmm,. I also notice that the size is actually *wrong*. The size should be
80.0, and it is for my old dives where I picked "AL80". But for the dives I
did today, when I used AL80, it filled the sizes incorrectly for some
reason. Very odd.

Anyway, in the Qt version, I can't see the pressures at all, and the units
in the table hide the incorrect size:

[image: Inline image 2]

and quite frankly, I think the gtk version just looks better too.

But the real problem is when editing the cylinder type, which ends up being
totally unreadable, because that type field doesn't have space for the
different possible types, so I can't actually even see myself typing "AL80"
at all.

AND to make matters worse: when I've typed AL80, and press enter, nothing
happens. It doesn't actually fill in the size and workpressure fields at
all - not until I switch focus to something else. Only at that point does
it say "oh, AL80 means that the size is 80cuft, and has a working pressure
of 3000psi" (if you're in metric, it will obviously look different - it's
around 11 liters and 208 bar or something like that)

It's very odd. And it's definitely inferior both in looks and in behavior
to the old gtk branch.

The weight thing has similar issues, but because you don't have the "type
-> size/workingpressure" thing, you don't see quite as much of a problem.
But say you have something like this:

[image: Inline image 1]

and you want to edit that weight from 12 to 10, when I double-click that
entry to edit it, it looks very odd, and very wrong. I can't screenshot it,
because when it switches to the screenshot app, it "fixes" itself and
becomes 0.0lbs because there is some focus-out callback..

I think the gtk approach actually worked better. Also, because of the
(temporary, as Dirk tells us) lack of multi-dive editing, right now in the
Qt branch you have to see this problem for every dive you do. Which is
annoying if you're downloading all the dives of one day in one go (ok, so I
only did two dives today, but even two was annoying and it could have been
four or five).

But that multi-dive editing is a separate issue, it just brings the UI
problems to the fore even more just because the lack forces you to see the
issues multiple times.

> Tomaz ( recovering from the police brutality )
> -- side note, search for são paulo police brutality, quite fun pictures
> you can spot me in one or two.

Not making much news here in the US. Not even news.google.com, which is
usually better than the totally US-centric normal stuff.. In fact, after I
decided that Sao Paulo was maybe too specific for US news, and searched for
"Brazil" instead, all that shows me is soccer news. Only one bbc article on
police brutality so far.

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