language selection in Windows

Krzysztof Arentowicz karent.bug at
Sun Jun 16 02:55:28 PDT 2013


I was contacted by a user of Subsurface 3.1 who experienced a problem
with language selection.
He's running Windows 7x64 (Polish) on two of his machines, one
Professional and one Home Premium. On the first one Subsurface correctly
installed in Polish, on Home Premium it was in English.
Of course he was unable to change the language.

Setting language based on OS setting is fine in Linux but in Windows,
where the user is most often tied to a single OS language version, it is
generally expected by users to be able to able to choose language inside
a given application.

I think this would be sensible to include such functionality, at least
in Windows version.

Speaking from my own experience, I am also affected by this as one of my
laptops is provided by my employer with English Windows version and I am
unable to switch Subsurface to use my native language on that machine,
even though it is supported.


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