Hollis DG03 data import error

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Firstly thank you for developing some useful dive logging software usable
on Linux.

I just moved to Linux Mint v15 and installed Subsurface v3.02. I got a new
DC the Hollis DG03 which I had a chance to use on my recent dive vacation.

When I plug the DG03 data cable the DG03 starts the PC countdown timer of
120 secs

I need to manually change the owner of /dev/ttyUSB0 each time before
launching the SS log import tool, which I do.

The pop-up window shows some model/firmware data and a progress bar begins.

The import fails with "Dive data import error" before the actual import of
dives begin. The DG03 jumps out of the timer and shows the normal surface
mode like there is no longer a data connection.

I have 14 dives logged on the new DC. Out of a dozen attempts I made, it
managed to import 4 dive logs once before  the error came back once again.

On one occasion the DG03 also beeped the red alarm flasher - a single
beep.  Dunno what it means.

I then removed v3.0.2, downloaded the sources and built version 3.1 of SS.
No luck.

Any help in fixing this issue would be appreciated.

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