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Tue Jun 25 16:50:13 PDT 2013

Hi Andre,

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On Tue, 2013-06-25 at 15:05 +0200, andre.kegel at wrote:
> Dear Sirs, 
> the issue of the attached mail has been solved, 
> I could install the missing libs via Muon pkg manager (if my memory
> serves me well). Thanks again for the support. 
> Now the usage of Subsurface gives rise to some other questions: 
>      1. Is there a FAQ collection / wiki somewhere that could provide
>         this info? Then please point me to it and I'll be happy (well,
>         maybe :-)). 

We have the user documentation which is also on our website -- beyond that we don't have any
additional FAQs. We try to document things in the manual :-)

>      1. It seems that there is a way to store the dive log from
>         Subsurface in XML format. Where do I activate this setting? 
>         In my case, Subsurface accesses a *.svg file. 

No. Subsurface by default will write an XML file (on Linux that would be
<homedir>/subsurface/<username>.xml )
We don't use .svg files

>      1. Is there a way to attach images (eg *.jpg, or *.bmp) to the
>         log entries? 
>         I would like to attach a drawing of the location and dive or a
>         photo of the partners (or fishes) to the dive log entry. 

This has been suggested a few times. It's something we are planning to
do in the future.

>      1. Where do I set the default values of certain parameters?
>         I believe there is some *.xml file in the directory, but is
>         there also a description of the way to set the defaults in
>         there?
>         I.e. I always use the same tank, where can I specify it as
>         default? 

That is not something we support today. But once you enter your tank it
is easy to pick it from the selection of tanks. Having said that, making
a tank the default would be reasonably straight forward to implement...

>      1. How do I format pages for my logbook, so that printing log
>         entries gives me nice printouts in the strange size I use? 

We have three hard coded formats. Being able to configure the output
format is something we could consider for a future version of Subsurface
(we are completely re-implementing print output for Subsurface 4,
anyway). No promises, but this is something we have thought about.

>      1. More on the strange side: 
>         Is there a way to merge dives that the diving computer
>         considers to be separate dives?
>         Eg I perform a dive for training purposes. We descend, then
>         rise to the surface to discuss the exercise, then descend
>         again for the next exercise or a repetition. Even though there
>         is a surface interval (beyond the threshold of the DC) I
>         consider this to be one dive, not several.
>         So I would like to merge the dives. 

Yes, that's easy: mark the two dives, right click and select "Merge

>      1. What I will check when I get home:
>         Is there a way to send individual dives to my buddies in
>         Subsurface format to be integrated in their logs? 

Mark the dives in your divelist, right-click and select "Save as"

> As you can see, I like the SW and am using it. I will also distribute
> the nice printouts (or SubS files) as soon as possible to my diving
> buddies to promote the product further. 

I'm glad you like Subsurface. We continually work to make it better for
our users.

You had 6 questions / suggestions. 3 we already do, 3 are things we are
looking into. Not bad :-)


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