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Fri Jun 28 00:21:30 PDT 2013

On 28.06.2013, at 08:46, Henrik Brautaset Aronsen <subsurface at> wrote:

> Nice work!  It's still far away from "ready for use", though:

Indeed, very nice!

But I would like to contribute to wish list mode as well: (and I support all of Hendrik's points)
> * It's not possible to expand beyond 40m. 
> * There's no way to input gases.  We need to be able to manually edit which gases we want for each depth.
> * We also need to be able to specify available gases, and the planner should also be able to use them automatically.
> * Each depth point needs to have a mouseover telling the exact gas, time, depth, and other data.
> * It's possible to create weird graphs, see
> * It should be possible to save the plan, and the plan details (as text) should go into the dive notes
> * We need to be able to input GFlow/high, dive and deco SAC and surface pressure somewhere
> * CC setpoints were available in the Gtk version, it should be here as well.
> * The +time / +depth buttons doesn't work
> * It would be nice to see the full textual dive plan (in the notes, or as a separate widget) when editing.  It's what tec divers are used to see.
> * When the dive planner is enabled, it's not possible to "go back" to see the regular dives

* When in planner, a new dive should be opened, the notes should not display the last selected dive.
* Bright green is not my favorite color, and we might use the color of above the graph for something else (e.g. gas used (with RGB representing O2, N2, and He ;-) )
* We could have more features of the dive profile graph: Line colors for ascent/descent speed, deco ceiling etc
* I would still like to see the "Robert falls to target depth and stays there" way of adding points, maybe double click with shift pressed?
* The map does not make sense for a planned dive. We could use that space for widgets to set/display parameters of the plan (like Hendrik mentioned: gases, GF's, ascent/descent speeds, SAC, set points etc)
* There seems to be a problem with deco upon moving waypoints: Create a two waypoint dive: one at 2min/30m, the other at 10min/30m. As expected there is no deco. Now move the second to 36m/30min, you get a decent deco. Then move back the second point to 30m/10min. The last generated stop at 3m is not removed.
* It should be possible to zoom in the planner. Currently the scale is determined by the requirement that the dive just fits the window. This leads to unexpected jumps when moving points and the deco time changes significantly.
* I have the suspicion that some users will expect an imperial units version of the planner.

I hope I will have time to attack some of these points myself. But this weekend is expected to be quite busy (Tomorrow is my daughter's first birthday), so I cannot promise much.


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