[PATCH] Add some troubleshooting to user manual

Jef Driesen jefdriesen at telenet.be
Fri Jun 28 22:18:25 PDT 2013

On 29-06-13 06:45, Miika Turkia wrote:
> +	ERROR: Device or resource busy (16) [in serial_posix.c:107 (serial_open)]
> +	ERROR: Failed to open the serial port. [in oceanic_atom2.c:377 (oceanic_atom2_device_open)]

I would drop the second line from the manual. It's basically the same error 
repeated at the backend level.

> +**Getting debug logs**
> +
> +Getting debug logs or full memory dump of the dive computer might be
> +needed to solve the issue. This can be don with libdivecomputer's
> +universal application (you can compile it yourself or download from
> +http://www.libdivecomputer.org/builds/linux/universal[libdivecomputer's
> +web page]).

Should the manual point directly to the linux binary? There are binaries for 
Windows and Mac OS X too. Maybe point to the builds directory, and let people 
pick the OS themselves?

> Debug log can be
> +obtained with the following command (change the DC name and model
> +appropriately):
> +
> +	./universal -l output.log -d output.xml -n "Oceanic Geo 2.0" -v /dev/ttyUSB0
> +
> +This will produce an *output.log* that you should send to mailto:subsurface at hohndel.org[our mailing list].
> +
> +A full memory dump can be obtained similarly:
> +
> +	./universal -l output.log -m output.bin -n "Oceanic Geo 2.0" -v /dev/ttyUSB0

I think it would be a good idea to add that you can obtain the list of supported 
models (and a short help) by executing the tool without any arguments.


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