Bugs i found recently

Anton Lundin glance at acc.umu.se
Sun Nov 3 14:15:56 UTC 2013

Hi there.

I thought that i should test the software some, so i undertook the task
of digitalizing my 30-so dives that i logged in a old notebook and i 
found some bugs.

Some easy and straight forward ones:
* When pressing "ok" after edited a dive, all the open trips in
  the dive list gets folded. This is quite annoying, because it moves
  the scroll to.
* Merge selected dives only merges two of tree selected. Now when i
  tested with 5 selected dives it merged the first tree of them.
* Unable to remove pressure information from a cylinder. The old value
  comes back.
* When rescaling the window and the different pains, the
  information-overlay can end up off-screen.

And a couple of harder:
* multiple times i noted that the ui just went bad, and refused to
  switch between dives, or kept showing the divetrip info instead of the
  dive pain. This happened after working with the ui for 10+ minutes.
* I noted that either via selecting multiple dives or some bug i
  accidentally edited the wrong dives, and wrote over other dives. This
  might be due to ui messing up the selections, or due to other bugs.
  A problem here is that the ui doesn't give you any feedback when you
  are actually editing multiple dives.

And one missing feature that we had in the gtk version:
* Ability to add gaschange and bookmark events to a dive.

The only part i'm worried about is the fact that the ui messed up after
working with it for a while and maybe tricked me in to corrupting data.


Anton Lundin	+46702-161604

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