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Willem Ferguson willemferguson at
Sat Nov 16 22:05:38 UTC 2013

May I make a suggestion for reorganising the View main menu item? 
Curremtly it has
View All
Divelist only
Profile only
Info only
Globe only

My question is: Is there any use at all in being to see the Divelist 
only by itself? Without at least one of the other helper panels one 
cannot do any work with the Divelist alone, one can only look at the list.

Similarly if one views the Dive Notes panel in isolation, there is 
abolutely nothing to be gained by viewing it by itself, except if you 
have copied a mammoth article into the bottom Notes field. Viewing this 
panel full-screen does not reveal any information or provide any 
functionality that does not exist in the View All mode.

For the other two panels, there may be some divers out there who would 
like to view the marble panel by itself, or the dive profile by itself.

My suggestion for sensible combinations are:

View All
DiveList + DiveNotes panel [This allows one to inspect, say, the 
equipment or notes during several dives]
DiveList + DiveProfile         [This allows one to inspect dive profile 
characteristics for several dives]
DiveProfile                          [The most useful would probably be 
while doing hand-entered data or dive planning (V4.1!!) full-screen]
Globe                                  [For those who want to spin the 
globe to where they have dived all over the world]

Kind regards,

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