new buildsystem merged into master

Patrick Valsecchi patrick at
Wed Oct 9 00:26:52 UTC 2013


I did:
git pull
git status  -> lots of ui_.h files remaining
rm qt-ui/ui_*.h
git status -> no more stray files

And here is the error I get:
make: *** No rule to make target `.moc/qt-gui.moc', needed by 
`.obj/qt-gui.o'.  Stop.

I'm on Linux Ubuntu 12.04.3.


On 10/09/2013 09:20 AM, Dirk Hohndel wrote:
> As Thiago said in his email...
> this REALLY needs more testing and feedback. It works for the two of us
> and the couple other people who tried, but that is not exactly a happy
> sample size.
> Please pull master, take a look at the INSTALL file to learn what's new
> (or at Thiago's emails) and enjoy.
> It still produces too many warnings. I would have cursed harder about
> this if it didn't actually point out a real bug. But the vast majority
> are false positives so please do NOT go about fixing all those fake
> uninitialized variable warnings - they are just a sign that the compiler
> doesn't know enough about our data and algorithms.
> But if you think you see real bugs in there - by all means, please go
> ahead and suggest fixes.
> Also let us know if things don't work with qmake.
> /D
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