People abbreviating SubSurface

Chris Lewis chrislewis915 at
Fri Oct 11 22:06:51 UTC 2013

On 12 Oct 2013 02:55, "Dazed_75" <lthielster at> wrote:
> Dirk ends up admonishing a lot of people "please don't use that
abbreviation. It has a very negative connotation for a lot of people".
While I LIKE the name SubSurface, has anyone ever floated the idea of
renaming it.
> Given the work on a really major revision, this would be the ideal time.
I don't want to but it seems like it could relieve a lot of tension for
Dirk and perhaps others.  UnderSurface? DiveUtility? BelowWater? I am not
very good at naming, but maybe someone has better ideas.
> --
> Dazed_75 a.k.a. Larry

I like subsurface. Not that my opinion counts for much!

Bear in mind it started life as diveclog

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