Mandatory safety stop vs. deco

Miika Turkia miika.turkia at
Mon Sep 9 08:07:05 UTC 2013

I have one dive that according to libdivecomputer/subsurface goes into
deco. However, the dive was actually a non-deco dive with a bit of extra
excitement caused by heavy up current (roughly from 13 to 8 meters in 10
seconds). Due to the rapid ascent, Suunto gave a mandatory safety stop that
is currently considered as going into deco.

I want to throw in a question whether this should be considered deco or
not. I guess one can argue either way but nevertheless it was a surprise to
see the deco marking in subsurface.

case 0x01: // Mandatory Safety Stop - odd concept; model as deco stop
       sample.event.type = SAMPLE_EVENT_SAFETYSTOP_MANDATORY;
       if (type & 0x80)
              in_deco &= ~DECOSTOP;
              in_deco |= DECOSTOP;

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