Mandatory safety stop vs. deco

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> On 09/09/2013 05:50 PM, Linus Torvalds wrote:
>> So I'm sure there isn't a "right" answer. I think the Suunto
>> "mandatory safety stop" is somewhat different from their normal "deco"
>> thing
> Hmmm, but the "mandatory safety stop" obligation disappears just like
> regular deco stops from Suunto DCs before you reach the "safety stop" depth
> when ascending very slowly during the end of the dive.
> This I interpret such that to the Suunto, it is just an ordinary deco stop,
> supporting the interpretation by Subsurface.
> (Some other DCs insist on even the most ridiculous safety stops - as in:
>  stop at -5m after decompressing at -3m. This is luckily not the case with
> Suunto.)
> All this discussion has convinced me that treating the mandatory safety
stop as "in deco" is the right thing to do. Basically it sounds like a
polite way of telling inexperienced divers that you are in deco, without
scaring them unnecessarily.

(I have heard from a couple of divers of their first accidental deco dive.
They were thinking they still had bottom time left even though the DC was
blinking and showing weird text on top of the small amount of "NDL time".
They were really surprised after a while when they realized that the bottom
time had increased while they stayed at the same depth.)

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