Things that don't work right now

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Mon Sep 16 15:00:11 UTC 2013

On Mon, 2013-09-16 at 17:52 +0100, Chris Lewis wrote:
> > Sorry for top post. Stupid phone client.
> > I have vpm sources for you to work on a new deco module. Will send
> tonight.
> > Tomaz or Thiago will respond on the Qt question.
> > But: 5 minutes for the ascend from 5m to the surface? Good luck with
> that. I'm sure that's the safest way to do it. But I can't imagine
> anyone doing it.
> >
> > /D
> >
> In the UK at least, a 1m/min ascent rate is what's taught in technical
> classes from 6m up. As far as I'm aware, is certainly what some people
> strive to achieve. 

Very impressive. And totally unrealistic on a dive boat.
I did 2 min from 5m to the surface. The dive guide was starting to get
worried about me.

90% of divers take < 1 min from 5m to the surface. And I have yet to
meet a single diver who took more than maybe 2.

But then, I don't dive with hardcore tech divers a lot (nor with VdST
people... last time I dove with my brother he certainly wasn't going for
5min from 5m - and he's a TL**)


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