CPU hogging in the current master

Robert C. Helling helling at atdotde.de
Tue Sep 24 11:57:06 UTC 2013

On Sep 24, 2013, at 7:43 PM, Anton Lundin wrote:


> For every sample it calculates the next deco stop and then the whole
> deco profile after that, to produce a tts. In that dive, it maxes out at
> a TTS to about 1020 minutes (17h deco) before you can break the surface.
> That means that its quite a long deco calculation, for every sample.
> The code calculates the tts in 10s steps (time_stepsize).
> Shure, we should have a option for disabling the NDL/TTS/deco-stop
> calculations and some options to adjust the constants we are using in
> that code. The planner was under way at that time and i thought that it
> might introduce such settings to use.

given that the whole TTS calculation is about a hypothetical dive anyway (a dive that is abandoned at this point of time) let me suggest the following patch:

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This assumes the TTS is the same as for the last sample if the time since the last calculation of TTS is less than a factor of 1/TTS_ACCURACY (currently 300) than the TTS (i.e. if it takes a long time to the surface we don't have to check every second).

If you like it:

Signed-off-by: Robert C. Helling <helling at atdotde.de>


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