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Wed Sep 25 14:16:04 UTC 2013

Em 25/09/2013 17:50, "Linus Torvalds" <torvalds at>
> On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 1:28 PM, Tomaz Canabrava <tcanabrava at>
> > Sorry to double post, cellphone mail client.
> > It's on the main repository, in the master branch.
> Ok, thanks. This is much improved.
> I do notice a few problems still.
>  - selecting the cylinder type with the mouse now works. Yay! But when
> you click it the first time, you still get that odd "double exposure"
> effect, where you have *both* the editable field *and* the selection
> active at the same time. And they literally get written on top of each
> other.

Linus,  I don't seem to be affected by this one,  can you send me the
version of your qt and a screenshoot so I can try to bypass that?

>  - I had dives that due to the previous bug already had the cylinder
> type (AL80), but did *not* have the cylinder working pressure and size
> set. So I fixed them by selecting the same cylinder type again, and
> now the display shows the working pressure and size. But when I save
> the end result, nothing actually changes. I have to switch to another
> cylinder type (say, AL100) and then switch back, and then it gets
> saved correctly. Apparently there is some "nothing changed" logic that
> is incorrect, and only looks at the type field.

Ups. I did that, if the new cylinder equals the old one, do nothing. I'll
fix that =)

>  - when I select multiple dives, and then edit them, and then press
> "OK", the dive selection goes away, and now only one dive is selected.

Hhhmmm..... *thinking sound*

>  - purely nit-picking: the header says "This dive is being edited.
> Select Save or Undo when ready.". But the buttons are actually
> "Cancel" and "OK".

Dirk said I'm dyslexic.

> Anyway, none of these problems are show-stoppers, and this is a huge
> improvement over the previous state. Thank you. The most annoying one
> (the second) is a result of the previous bug where the pressure/size
> wouldn't be set. It probably doesn't matter in practice, but *when* it
> happens it is very non-obvious indeed (because the screen shows
> something different than what actually gets saved).

> Oh, just tried to look at that first problem a bit more: the "editable
> field" _and_ the "active selection" is actually worse than I thought.
> If you try to edit it by writing a new (or old, for that matter)
> cylinder type by hand (ie you select AL100 by actually _typing_ that
> string, rather than picking it from the list of cylinder types), you
> can type that value and it shows up messily overlaid over the
> selection, but when you press Enter the data you typed is just
> ignored.

Will do some tests on that.  With any luck will also update it today.

>                 Linus
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