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Henrik Brautaset Aronsen henrik at synth.no
Thu Sep 26 22:31:55 UTC 2013

I like it! The only change I would want is to use timestamps on all the
samples instead of the +5 stuff. Do you have a dive file with multiline
notes as well?

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> On Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 2:05 PM, Linus Torvalds
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> >
> > I may do a first private version for myself that only saves in a
> > non-xml format..
> Hmm. So I haven't finalized this, but I have a trial format that is
> basically our simplified xml, but without the xml crap. The plan is
> that I can feed it to our stupid xml parser by "faking" the xml part,
> rather than actually using that horrible libxml. And my stupid fake
> parser would be purely line-based.
> No begin/end tags.. No quoting, because there are no special
> characters except for a field that can have multiple lines (ie notes),
> and then that is defined by the next line having the first non-space
> character being '|'. I guess you can call that "quoting" (technically
> it's an odd quoting of the newline).
> I might end up quoting the quote character just to allow the nice
> "let's put dive computer names etc in quotes", but I haven't decided
> yet. I might just give those kinds of tags lines of their own.
> And samples are special. Drop the 'time' and 'depth' nametags
> entirely, since they always have to be there.
> Attached is what my last dive in Florida looks like with the
> (partially) done format I have in mind. Not final. Design goal: still
> be very much human-readable, while being denser than the xml (by
> dropping all the crap) and still having the tags so that we can allow
> basically arbitrary extensions.
> Is anybody so married to xml that they hate the idea of having a
> native subsurface file format that is basically de-crapified xml with
> some hardcoded formatting knowledge (ie that format for a sample line
> etc)?
>                          Linus
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