Username and Password for uploading/downloading/synchronizing dives

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> The first message says that I only get a username. Subsurface on Mac
> prompts me for a userID and password when I try to upload to

we're talking about two different things!

At you get a username for syncing with For more  information see
For example, if you use a Android based Cellphone you can use subsurface
on your mobile device. See or
With this app you can locate your diving location and upload to, using your username you get from there.
Later at your computer you can download from there the Date and Location
of your dive.

The second thing is ...
At this site you can publish your dives. For example my dive log at
For this site you need username and passwort. To register go to (
- german version). You can select the language on the Site.

How to upload your dives from subsurface to I explained in
my last mail. Use here your selected username / password.

At the moment there is only a upload and no sync with

If you want to export from and import to subsurface you need
two steps.

First export a DLD Version of your logs. See and scroll down or directly go to

This File you can import in subsurface with "File -> Import" and select
the downloaded file.

If you want to use subsurface with same data at different devices the
best way should be to sync your subsurface.xml File, I think.

I hope that helps and your questions becomes answered?



p.s. Sry, if my English is terrible. ;)

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