[PATCH] Fixing dive notes escape characters in World map exporter

Lubomir I. Ivanov neolit123 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 02:01:46 PDT 2014

On 1 April 2014 07:50, Dirk Hohndel <dirk at hohndel.org> wrote:
> Stupidly I can't include your patch in my response... oh well.
> Quick questions:
> a) I don't think we support any architecture where sizeof(char) isn't
> just 1 - and we don't do those calculations anywhere else. So I think
> you might as well drop them. I forgot to ask about that in the first
> patch that I already pushed out

i always tell people to include this for clarity and consistency.
it's still viable in the sense of "what size times how much" and with
other typed allocations in a function e.g. a function having multiple
allocations using sizeof(int), sizeof(struct something) etc.

hm, also in that sense do we omit sizeof(int) and assume 4?

in terms of the patch, a local constant could be used instead of the
multiple sizeof().


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