[PATCH] Update to user manual.

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at zoology.up.ac.za
Sat Apr 5 07:10:47 PDT 2014

This last update hopefully an finally brings the user manual in line for 
the release of V4.1.

     1. New section added on IrDA and communicating with the Uwatec 
Galileo dive computers.

     2. Sections 7 to 9 of manual updated to reflect current version. 
Three figures updated.

     3. New section added to reflect the dive planner. This is only a 
     awaiting better description when the dive planner is more mature. Added
     2 figures within this new section.

The dive planner is not stable as is, spent 3 hours trying to set up a 
45m trimix dive with 2 deep stops but with no success.
The planner either got me bent (penetrated the ceiling) or crashed. 
Appears to work better if deep stops are not enforced.
Yet, I am delighted to see the planner back. Thanks, Anton & Co.

Kind regards,

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