Data Import Error w/ Cressi Leonardo

Jef Driesen jef at
Mon Apr 7 00:16:46 PDT 2014

On 2014-04-07 06:40, Kevin Darch wrote:
> I seem to be getting a "dive data import error" when trying to import 
> my
> latest dives.
> PC is Win8.1, Subsurface, I am using a Cressi Leonardo, and had 
> no
> problem importing the data previously.
> Using the supplied Cressi PCInterface tool I am still able to import 
> the
> dives without error, so it would seem the data itself is not corrupt. 
> Though
> that tool is really sucky and cannot export to any useful formats (I
> attached the x2 offending dives in the tools .txt export format).
> Getting a logfile/dumpfile seems to indicate an issue with ringbuffer
> pointer? "ERROR: Invalid ringbuffer pointer detected. [in
> cressi_leonardo.c:341 (cressi_leonardo_extract_dives)]"
> Is there any recovery path you can suggest? I attached log & bin files 
> for
> reference.

This error typically indicates that your data somehow differs from the 
expected data format. Typically an incorrect assumption in the reverse 
engineering. In this case, it seems it's the logic to find the last 
valid dive that fails. We look for an empty logbook entries (all 0xFF 
bytes), but your data contains an empty entry that has a few bytes that 
are not 0xFF. And that causes it to get interpreted as a valid dive, but 
the data of course doesn't make any sense.

How many dives do you have? Am I correct that there are only 12 dives 


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