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Rainer Mohr mail at divelogs.de
Mon Apr 7 03:07:00 PDT 2014

Hi Willem,

Am 07.04.14 11:51, schrieb Willem Ferguson:
> The bottom line is that, in the longer term, one needs to start making 
> provision for equipment that does not log at regular intervals. Yes, 
> its painful to provide for a flexible system, but that is the price to 
> pay to support a wide array of hardware and users. And this is what 
> sets meritorious open source systems (such as divelogs.de) separate 
> from vendor-provided software which does not have the adaptability to 
> store information from the diverse hard gear systems that a single 
> diver uses. As technical diving (equipment and training) becomes more 
> and more accessible, this need for diversity will only increase in future.
I hear you and you are right.
I will need to cope with getting irregular samples at some point. The 
way I plan to deal with it, is to insert dummy samples, for this 
information is not wrong and easier to implement than saving the 
timestamp with the depth for each and every sample. As long as the 
diving computer has a fixed time interval where it records "something" I 
will be fine (ex. every x seconds). If that changes, I have a lot of 
work :-)

kind regards,
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