[RFC] Operating system name/version detection

Thiago Macieira thiago at macieira.org
Thu Apr 10 14:30:57 PDT 2014

Em qui 10 abr 2014, às 19:12:50, Joshua Joseph escreveu:
> The attached patch is my attempt at OS name/version detection. I have not
> yet tested
> it on windows, nor added the Mac part. Just wanted some comments on the
> same.

Hello Josh

Thanks for the work, but can I ask you to hold back for a few more days? 
You're backporting my code from Qt 5.4, but it's still being modified. Once we 
have it settled, we can backport to Subsurface and be sure we get the same 

I'd also like a more direct backport -- try to keep the functions intact, if 
possible, even if you can't modify QSysInfo like I can[*]. This will allow for 
easier updating in the future, in case we find a bug that needs to be fixed and 
backported. For example, the need to read /etc/lsb-release so we can detect 

The Qt 5.4 reviews are:

[*] Suggested hack:
	class SubsurfaceSysInfo : public QSysInfo

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