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Marcin Małecki marcin at
Fri Apr 18 03:41:43 PDT 2014

Since my previous suggestion were well received I thought some more 
about other features I might recommend.

1) Default cylinder - at the moment you can select a default cylinder. 
This is useful to a point. Once you start diving with two cylinders like 
for example main tank and a stage or pony it would be good to be able to 
set second default cylinder. So immediately on adding new dive it reads 
dive computer date and assigns it into cylinders. On a dive computer 
which takes multiple cylinders and gas mixes you can set multiple 
cylinders as 1,2,3,4,5 and so on. If you could also have default 
cylinders in the application then it would be helpful. I see this 
feature as two stage selection: firstly you select number of cylinders, 
then order them as you want and set defaults for each place.

2) Default weights - since there is an option of selecting what weights 
you carry why not an option of setting default weights? This is likely 
to be in two stages again: firstly setting number of separate weight 
placements (weights in 1,2,3,4 places) secondly setting kg and locations 
(ankle, belt, tank, integrated, etc.)

3) Empty space on the profile graph - when dive profile is charted some 
space is left unused on the right hand side. This space varies with 
dives. On shorter dives over 50% of the graph area is unused on longer 
dives about 15%. It would look better if only say 3% of the available 
area was left empty.

4) Dives which were manually added have "unknown divecomputer" as 
computer name. As far as I know this can only be edited in xml file 
directly. It would be useful to have the ability to name it and also to 
change it in dives already added.

5) Divelogs upload of modified dives - I upload my dives onto divelogs. 
Sometimes however I make modification to notes after I uploaded them. It 
would be good if I could then upload them again from Subsurface and 
changes would be uploaded. I guess this has more to do with how the 
interface of the website is set up rather then the app but I thought I 
mention this as well.

6) List of tags in preferences - I believe it would be useful to see 
list of all available/added tags and add/modify/delete them in 
preferences. If tag has no dives associated it can be deleted without 
question if it has question would pop up saying that tag has associated 
dives and will be removed from those dives when deleted. If tag is 
renamed all instances of such tag would have newly renamed tag instead 
of the old one.

7) Tags in statistics - this follows on from the above improvement. All 
tags used should have number associated with them showing number of 
dives with this tag. The best place for this would be as part of stats 
tab I think.

Hope this helps

Marcin Tomasz Małecki
Linux user #459629
Ubuntu user #30250

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