4.1 Beta on Gnome

"Paul-Erik Törrönen" poltsi at 777-team.org
Tue Apr 29 01:19:41 PDT 2014

> What I want to make sure is that if on one of the Desktop Environments
> things look bad that we know it and address it.
> Even if it is on Ubuntu :-)

Does MATE (on FC20) count?-)

The issue that I have encountered that with one user profile, the style
seems to be all white (sans the black text). This makes it very hard to
distinguish the borders of the various graphical items (think of cranking
up the contrast to 11).

The issue is most probably related to whatever the profile has determined
to be the default Qt style, for which I have not found any tool modify. I
have another user profile where Subsurface has a more normal grey style.
Also if I explicitly define the style as 'subsurface -style GTK+' on the
commandline, then it looks ok.

I had a similar issue with KDEnlive, but there you can configure KDEnlive
to use a specific theme (Settings -> Themes). Maybe this is a KDE-env
specific thing? Or could something similar be implemented in Subsurface?


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