towards 4.1 - getting ready for Beta2 / RC

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Wed Apr 30 21:49:24 PDT 2014

I'm still hoping to release next week

Translations: Romanian, Brazilian Portuguese, Slovak, Hebrew, Chinese
and Greek could use some more help...

I did a first stab at ReleaseNotes and would appreciate some proof

Are there any final changes to the manual?

Are there any pending changes that I should be waiting for?
Any bug fixes that haven't made it my way?

I know I keep bugging people but there is this very odd effect that
prior to a release relatively little happens, and then within 72h after
a release I get a ton of patches that make me think "hmm, maybe people
didn't really test before the release was out..."

I'll cut Beta2 tomorrow and make binaries available, again


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