Problems with delete image

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at
Fri Aug 1 13:58:59 PDT 2014


After images have been associated with a dive profile, one needs to 
hover above the 'stub image' image in order to see a thumbnail of the 
same image. However, two problems:

1) When the thumbnail is activated, Subsurface puts the cursor on the 
dustbin icon. If one clicks, thinking to open the image, it is in fact 
deleted. The present setup makes it very easy to inadvertently delete 
messages. What about a popup message requiring confirmation before delete?

2) If the background is dark, the dustbin is very difficult to spot. I 
would recommend highlighting the perimeter of the circular area around 
the dustbin in white so that it shows up on a dark background. Is it ok 
if I send you a proposal for a dustbin image tomorrow? The objective is 
to have a  dustbin that shows up on any image regardless of background 
colour or contrast.
Kind regards,

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