New Windows binaries (64 & 32bit)

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sun Aug 3 13:58:41 PDT 2014

Here's what I'm interested in (besides as much generic testing as

- printing on Windows 64bit: is this fixed?
- translations: there have been a couple of comments that things weren't
  translated as expected... ideally a screenshot plus what you think
  should be shown.
- installer / uninstaller - do things work as expected?
- keyboard shortcuts in the 64bit binary (Ctrl-W/Ctrl-Q with various
  windows and dialogs open, curser up/down/left/right (with more than one
  divecomputer per dive)

Several of the bugs reported in the last 24h have NOT been fixed in master
as Tomaz let me know that he has a bunch of fixes, but hasn't sent me the
patches, yet. I didn't want to duplicate things so I ignored the other
issues that were brought up.

Assuming I can get his patches today I may cut a Beta 5 tonight so that
more people can test the 64bit installer - but the more things we can
figure out before then, the better.



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