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Fri Aug 8 00:21:30 PDT 2014

> I am a bit puzzled as to why you would put the suit gas as the 3rd
> cylinder. It is technically part of the protective gear and normally not
> a breathing gas. One would not normally do a change of gas to the suit
> gas?? Therefore the suit gas should not even appear on the list of
> cylinders??

It is a gas that you use during the dive (concurrently) with other gasses,
and some may (especially if you use argon instead of air) want to keep
accounts on the amount used in each dive. In my case, it is also the
bailout gas.

Yes, the suit gas is a special gas in the sense that it does not
participate in respiration, OTOH it is probably the third most common gas
spent when diving.

I understand that if you try to recreate the decompression data from the
spent gasses, then you should not include the suit gas.

If this makes the implementation unnecessarily complicated, then I do
agree that it can be dropped from the list.


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