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Sat Aug 9 14:08:22 PDT 2014

Davide DB wrote:
> Il 08/ago/2014 20:28 "Dirk Hohndel" <dirk at 
> <mailto:dirk at>> ha scritto:
> > I like it - especially as it is a) intuitive and b) should allow for a
> > reasonably simple UI.
> >
> > The challenge is simply to pick which dive to clone the data from... but
> > that seems doable.
> >
> > /D
> I like it too. It seems simple and effective but, as Dirk wrote, it 
> could be challenging picking up the right dive to copy from. Tech 
> dives could be very different among them. For recreational use I guess 
> it's perfect.

+1 for predefined sets of tanks.  E.g. a context menu next to a dive's 

[Tank sets]
   * "Add current set to predefined list" (which would give you the 
option to name and store the tank set)
   * "Replace with tank set --> (list of tank sets)"
   * "Delete tank set --> (list of tank sets)"

Finding the correct dive to copy tanks from sounds cumbersome.  It 
sounds like the "plan dives with the currently selected dive's tanks" 
logic, but
I haven't been able to make friends with that yet...

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