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Wed Aug 20 02:09:55 PDT 2014

Thanks but I think that the driver is strictly related to cable chipset.
Prolific has even an utility to see which chipset has your cable.
Unfortunately your driver must be working to check the chipset :)

#1 I have to find again my sensus, cable and interface which lies somewhere
in the basement.
#2 I could try to spend 14USD on Amazon buying a Plugable cable with the
latest Prolific incarnation. Maybe we could write an email to Reefnet :)

2014-08-20 10:57 GMT+02:00 Martin Gysel <me at>:

> Am 20.08.2014 10:40, schrieb Davide DB:
> > Seiko exited the DC business so I can understand. Sad but true. What
> > pissed me off is that still now there's no word from Reefnet of these
> > problems on Windows. A friend of mine bought it last year and he was not
> > able to use it. He asked support to them but their reply in the end was:
> > its' your configuration. It's not a fair behavior when you google for
> > Prolific and you discover that there are a lot of complaints.
> > IMHO a company who stands behind its product behave differently. They
> > could try to change driver, update it, or maybe change serial/usb cable
> > offering to their customers a discount on the new interface or something
> > like that. From what I see the Sensus itself has just a plain old
> > standard RS-232 serial interface so it shouldn't be a difficult task for
> > them finding a new driver that works.
> > Given that nothing of the above happened, I simply believe that this is
> > a dead product not worth of further development or, if you prefer I'm
> > the only one with these problems.
> have you tried using the driver from Aten [1]? They use a prolific
> internally but according to my experience (well it years ago I really
> used windows...) this drivers works perfectly under windows whereas the
> original prolific driver doesn't. Maybe that changed or the Aten driver
> only works for Aten products but it may be worth a try.
> /martin
> [1]
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