Towards 4.3: TAG management

Davide DB dbdavide at
Wed Aug 20 03:45:13 PDT 2014

All my friends converted to Subsurface keep asking: what TAGs are
designed for? How I search trough my dives?

I've told that Subsurface 3.x had the search and filter
functionalities (I've been using it since 4.x) that was removed to be
designed from scratch.
Will we see it again in 4.3? :)

Following Dirk suggestions I imagine a new TAG view that could occupy
lower/upper part of the dive list view.

In this tag view you have a TAG Cloud similar to some web widgets very
popuplar on forum/social websites.

TAGs are multiselectable and filters the dive list above/below. In
this way the normal layout is not changed.

Optionally TAG Cloud could have some nice graphical effect like web tag clouds:

TAG font size based on tag popularity
TAGs ordered alphabetically or by popularity and so on...

I do not know if QT has a Tag cloud or popular tag widget by default.
It's common on web sites but I found, just as graphical examples, two
custom widgets written in C# and Delphy wor Windows:

Mavericks OS X has an integrated tags support and it's way less intrusive:

Following their examples, we could put the most used tags in a
horizontal bar. The last tag should be always "all your tags..." which
opens a full tag view.

The interesting feature is "In any Finder window, enter the tag you
want to find in the search field. Items that have that tag appear.
Enter multiple tags to find items to narrow or expand your search."
They have the search field in the upper right corner but I do not know
how does it works with multiple tags but I guess here is full of mac

For Linux I found only semi command line examples :)


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