I'm working on this dive-share in my spare time

"Paul-Erik Törrönen" poltsi at 777-team.org
Thu Aug 21 01:10:38 PDT 2014

>> I am hesitant to use that HTML for various reasons:
>> - it displays less informations than what I've already implemented
>> - I need one separate HTML per dive (but that could be fixed)
>> - can't control or change the look of the website
> can - the dives should be easily themable by css.

Might be also worth mentioning that the data is actually in a json-file
(perhaps several, depending on how large the file will grow when we get
users with 1000s of dives).

Another thing is that in contrast to the XML, it is totally possible to
dump additional data to the json files which Subsurface creates/computes
internally. One example is the instantaneous SAC, EAD and whatnot that you
can see when hovering over the graph (shown in the application). In
contrast, if you only use the XML as your data, you need to recreate all
this information. Why duplicate the same work?

IMHO Gehad is doing an excellent work to get the 'HTML' export to work as
a GSoC-project. Perhaps, after the initial project is done, he will stick
around continuing to develop and even pick up diving :-)


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