bugs on connect to Dive Rite Nitek Q

Sincere CHEN sincere_cx at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 24 22:10:31 PDT 2014

Dear All,


I am a new user of surface.


I have a computer Dive Rite Nitek Q. and I want to use surface to download
its dive log.

I run surface, and I use USB cable connect my Nitek Q to computer.

And then I select Nitek Q to “PC” model, at that time, the Nitek Q display
“USB communicating”

And I open surface, choose “import from dive computer”, and choose “Dive
Rite”, “Nitek Q”, “COM 28”.

When I click “OK”, it seems successful, since surface display my Nitek Q
serial number.

However, after some second, surface breakdown. My system display the
following information:





  问题事件名称:   APPCRASH

  应用程序名:        subsurface.exe


  应用程序时间戳:        53e51d0e

  故障模块名称:   StackHash_5277

  故障模块版本:   6.1.7600.16385

  故障模块时间戳:        4a5be02b

  异常代码:   c0000374

  异常偏移:   00000000000c6cd2

  OS 版本:     6.1.7600.

  区域设置 ID:      2052

  其他信息 1:        5277

  其他信息 2:        527795ff2daf75bb8319d0bb0a35194c

  其他信息 3:        d1f3

  其他信息 4:        d1f3a0e301c9a8301cc439550b14e827










My system is:

Windows 7 64bit


Does any guys meet this problem? How do you fix it?


Looking forward to your reply.


Thank you very much!





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