GSoC work priority? [Was: [PATCH 2/2] Generate correct json]

"Paul-Erik Törrönen" poltsi at
Tue Aug 26 23:22:44 PDT 2014

> So I think the better solution is to talk Gehad into doing it right when
> things are created.

This raises (at least in my mind) the question about the GSoC work that is
done this year on Subsurface. Specifically whether this is to be
considered as normal contribution as by anyone (in a FOSS-project), or is
the GSoC pupil a special case to whom the changes within his/her project
subarea should be conferred to in the form of enhancement requests and bug

I raise this because Salvo Tomaselli may be unaware that the HTML
export-functionality is a GSoC project.


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