[PATCH] Remove libdivecomputer ifdefs for configuring OSTC

Anton Lundin glance at acc.umu.se
Tue Dec 2 09:22:32 PST 2014

On 02 December, 2014 - Dirk Hohndel wrote:

> On Tue, Dec 02, 2014 at 09:28:52AM +0100, Anton Lundin wrote:
> > The hw_ostc_device_eeprom_read / hw_ostc_device_eeprom_write functions
> > have bin in libdivecomputer since v0.1.0, so there was an error when the
> > read settings part ended up behind ifdef's.
> So Lubomir moved the definition of the read function behind the ifdef
> because all of its uses where behind the ifdef.

Yepp. Lubomir "fixed" a problem, but the real problem was that i had
manged to put the hw_ostc_device_eeprom_read code behind ifdef's in the
first place. The "error" referenced above wasn't Lubomir's, it was mine.

> I applied your patch because this now has a user for the read function.

Yey. The configure OSTC code should work just fine on libdc-omg-old.

> I'd love to require libdc 0.5 for Subsurface 4.3, but Jef's real life is
> interfering and I don't want to delay Subsurface 4.3 until after he is
> able to finish the 0.5 release.
> Jef and I talked and he is OK with me making 4.3 based on our private
> branch which means that Windows and Mac are OK, but for Linux it will be a
> very mixed bag. I don't think any of the distributions will be willing to
> package something based on a Subsurface-testing branch.
> I'm experimenting with a custom Ubuntu build that we could offer (between
> Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu we cover more than 90% of our users) - people
> who run Linux and get Subsurface from their distribution (other than
> Ubuntu) are very few... they may get stuck with a less feature complete
> version of Subsurface.

Thats cool. It isn't that many features that gets lost if you're on a
"standard" libdivecomputer 0.4.2 release. Its about:

* OSTC3 configuration handling

All of those are "nice-to-have" but it's not like subsurface is useless
without them. The only thing we need to test is that we actually still
work with a libdivecomputer 0.4.2. It's quite a while since i last built
Subsurface against such a old libdivecomputer version.


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