Help needed: User manual - DM5 and Uemis/Vyper configuration

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>> I am finalising the upgrade of the text for the user manual. There are
>> two aspects that I cannot address because I do not have equipment that
>> utilises these components:
>> 1) Suunto DM5. Is anyone with access to this software prepared to look at
>> the current text of the user manual and make suggestions on how to
>> incorporate appropriate text for DM5? The current text for DM3 and DM4 were
>> imported directly from the manual for GTK Suburface (I think that was
>> version 2). So I am not sure whether the existing text is correct and how
>> that relates to DM5.
> DM5 is still the same as DM4. The only notable difference is that the
> database schema has changed, but that is invisible to the normal user.
>> 2) Configuring Uemis and Vyper dive computers. Is anyone with access to
>> these dive computers prepared to write a skeleton about the configuration
>> process?
> I might be able to take a look at this as well.

Maybe not. When I try to load the settings of my Stinger, I get a
segmentation fault.

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