Repetition groups in UDDF

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Wed Dec 10 15:30:47 PST 2014

In that case it is good to go. Working off trips is probably a decent
solution. Great.
On 10 Dec 2014 23:21, "Dirk Hohndel" <dirk at> wrote:

> On Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 11:15:54PM +0000, Long, Martin wrote:
> > I think I'm starting to be the 'annoying neighbour' :-)
> Not at all - we love adding new active contributors.
> > So, the last patch adds proper trip support in the UDDF export, rather
> > than hijacking the repetition group.
> >
> > With this done I'm wondering if there is a better way we can use the
> > repetition group. I'm looking for a bit of input for this, as with
> > only 31 dives myself (and 1 year diving), I'm not really 100% sure on
> > the ins and outs of repetition groups.
> >
> > I would probably go with just 1 repetition group per day (or date),
> > though I could see perhaps someone doing night dives, or 4 dives a day
> > on a liveaboard might consider a repetition group spanning more than
> > one day. At the same time, the way it currently works, a 1 week trip
> > doing 2 dives a day, probably shouldn't be considered a repetition
> > group.
> >
> > Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
> Depending on the degree of slow tissue loading it can take quite a while
> before you are completely desaturated. We currently assume inside
> Subsurface that after 48h you are desaturated and no longer do the deco
> calculation. So for consistency we should group any set of dives that
> doesn't have a 48h gap in between.
> So yes, in my mind, even if you do just one dive a day on consecutive
> days, it's still a repetition group.
> /D
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