bug hunt / trac day

Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Fri Dec 12 07:25:44 PST 2014

Hi there,

with 4.3 almost ready to go, can I ask for a favor?

There are a TON of open bugs in trac.

Many of them are for divecomputer support - those are hard to track down
and usually only Jef can really answer them. But many other ones are
things that need to be followed up on. Ask the reporter if the bug is
still there in the latest daily, for example. Try to reproduce it yourself
(in case it doesn't require hardware you don't have access to).

Even if you are not a developer and don't necessarily know how to fix it,
following up, asking questions really helps.

And similarly, can I ask people to really try and hunt for bugs?
Play with filtering. There are many many combinations of actions one could
take. Filter, select, edit, accept or discard... can you produce incorrect
results / crashes? Keep track of what you are doing (so we can reproduce
it) and report it. Play with printing (we seem to only check on that prior
to a release). Statistics. Importing and exporting. Etc.

Just give it a good workout, please.



PS: special KUDOS to Robert and Tomaz who are already working on closing
trac bugs. Much appreciated.

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