[PATCH 4/7] Fix divecomputer part of UDDF export

Long, Martin martin at longhome.co.uk
Sat Dec 13 08:38:44 PST 2014

> Can you elaborate on this one as on my divelog all the dive computers are
> listed on the settings section and the original code worked with that
> properly. The sample dives are incorrect in this regard, but when you open
> them in Subsurface and save to new file, they get the stored in the settings
> section (and this is the state that is used when exporting from Subsurface).

Mine have no divecomputers listed. I'm using the latest git master.
I've reopened the file, made changes and re-saved. Most of my dives
were imported from a Suunto Vyper Air.

However, when I go into Log -> Edit device names, and add a nickname,
then it does appear in the settings section in the file.

I would suggest that while this is the behaviour (intended or not)
grabbing the computer from the profiles is probably more reliable, and
should work whether the user has editted the computer info or not.

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