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On Sun, Dec 14, 2014 at 11:26 AM, Srujan Jha <srujanjha.jha at>
> Dear Sir,
> I am Srujan Jha, currently in my 3rd year of Engineering in Computer
> Science from BITS-Pilani Hyderabad Campus. I am also pursuing my
> Minors(M.Sc.) in Biological Sciences.
> I am good with my developmental skills for various mobile(Windows Phone
> 8.x and Android) and desktop(Windows Desktop 8.x) platforms. I have
> developed over 20 apps for Windows Phone 8.x and Windows Desktop 8.x as
> well as Android. I wasn't able to participate in GSoC last year due to lack
> of time, however this summer, I really want to get in with my app
> developmental skills. It would be great, if I have a head start this time
> and I would be thankful if you can guide me with this.
> I have also attached my CV with this mail.
> Some of my apps developed by me, which are good regarding the programming
> skills required.
> BookMyBook:
> Windows 8.1 Desktop:
> <>
> Windows Phone 8.1:
> <>
> BarCode Generator:
> Windows 8.1 Desktop:
> <>
> Windows Phone 8.1:
> <>
> It would be great if you let me know, where and how should I start. Thank
> You!

By trying to use the software and understand what it does, for a starter.
GSoC 2015 is still far far away, but if you wanna try to 'head start', then
we can't stop you :)
Download the code, read and understand it, compile, fix bugs, try to
improve something.

Subsurface has lots of lines of code and very different aspects are build
into the same software ( for instance, I work mainly with the user
interface, and ocasionally I break stuff on the core), Dirk works mainly
with the core and ocasionally he breaks stuff on the user interface ( há ),
so, mainly:

- download the code
- compile
- try to fix a bug
- try to come with a new idea of something that could be improved
- program it
- send patches.

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