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> Dirk, 
> please double check this patch, as it was you who explicitly wrote there „false“  in 611bae34 for reasons beyond me.
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> Robert

since this patch was not accepted and on IRC, Dirk asked for agreement (i.e. discussion): Let me reveal that the concept of „unused tanks“ is a bit beyond me. In which situation would I use them?!? I understand that some dive computers allow their users to preconfigure a number of mixes and those that were not switched to during the dive end up in the cylinder list as unused.

I don’t have such a computer, so to reproduce the bug #798 and test my patch, I had to edit a dive in a text editor (i chose test19.xml) to remove gas change events and thus have unused gases.

I don’t understand why one would want to have unused gases in the first place (except when they come from a dive computer as above) and therefore I do not understand what the expected behaviour for planning starting from a dive with unused gases would be. But I agree with the reporter of #789 that the planner switching to gases that are not in the table of cylinders is certainly not expected behaviour.

That was my reason to make unused gases irrelevant for the planner. But if somebody explains to be a use case for unused gases appearing in the planned dive I would be happy to implement that.

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