Everyone please read.... Re: GSOC 2014 is almost here - Volunteer mentors needed

"Paul-Erik Törrönen" poltsi at 777-team.org
Mon Feb 10 14:06:55 UTC 2014

> Brief Explanation:
> Export the log book into HTML and use JavaScript to provide dynamic
> experience.

FWIW I have something like this already, a PHP-script which reads in the
subsurface XML-file, pushes out JSON for a dive to a JS-script which draws
the pressure and depth-graph (which is the hardest thing).

The problem is that I wanted to more or less replicate what the
application does, showing all the info (pO2, pN2, EAN, MOD etc.) in a
popup when you traverse the graph with your mouse, but that information is
not available to me, I would have to replicate the same calculations
already done in Subsurface.

So, if there is a way to dump all that already-calculated numbers for each
dive as arrays (or even JSON), then it would be 'almost done' :-)

I am using the Highcharts (http://highcharts.com/) to plot in JS, but if
the licence (free for non-profit) is an issue, then there most probably
are some other JS graphing libs under more libre licensing.

Example can be viewed at: http://devel.poltsi.fi/websurface/340.html

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