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Tue Feb 11 10:59:22 UTC 2014

On Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 8:52 AM, "Paul-Erik Törrönen"
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> > If the export function is implemented in Subsurface, then all this data
> > should be available and can be included in the produced output. So the
> > plan
> > is to have this output possibility as part of the result on this GSOC
> > project. Even better, if the HTML/JS part is almost there.
> If the target is to produce static HTML as a frame and the JS within it
> which then provides the 'dynamic' part, then yes. To be explicit, this
> means that we more or less contain the whole log book data in one file
> (JS-file can of course be compressed).

My initial thought was static HTML file (or files if splitting would be
needed and make sense) with JS doing the dynamics. However, this can still
be changed if different approach is seen beneficial. (I myself rather serve
static pages as that was all I had available.)

What I am slightly hesitant about this approach is, how efficient it will
be, or if the memory requirements might get too heavy with massive logs. I
am just not a web developer, so I have really no idea whether this should
be just fine, or the concern is real.

> > Looks good. We just need to produce the HTML/JS from Subsurface with easy
> > to use interface, and no additional packages or installations (like PHP
> > would be in your current implementation)
> The PHP is merely to provide the XML->JSON conversion. If this can be done
> in Subsurface, then it is not needed.
> And I'm willing to put some hours in this on the JS-side. Alas my
> C/C++-days are over, having degenerated from there to Java->Perl->PHP in
> the last couple of decades.

Excellent. Let's see if we get someone to do the heavy lifting as GSOC

> >, all self contained in Subsurface
> > installation package. As Dirk remembers to state, our average user is not
> > computer specialist :D
> Indeed. This however opens the pandora's box ;-)
> My feeling is that this requirement will shortly result in need to have
> automated uploads to various blog-softwares such as Wordpress. But maybe
> that is a concern for later (and other people :-).

There is still time to specify such a task for GSOC and see if there are
any takers for this. (Again I am quite clueless when it comes to
blog-software and what kind of integration one might want to have there.)
We are aiming to support some more on-line divelogs so blog software might
make sense as well.

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