Deco Terminology - call for discussion

Pedro Neves nevesdiver at
Wed Feb 12 10:29:09 UTC 2014

Hi all:

While on the process of helping Willem (and all the others) with the 
Subsurface manual, I keep wondering if we should change the terminology 
that refers to "no-deco" dives (and NDL, etc.).

I Personally hate the fact that people (and books) refer to some dives 
as “no decompressions dives” when in reality they should be called 
“minimum decompression dives”.
Technically speaking, decompression is a reduction in ambient pression, 
which occurs at the end of every single dive.

To me, the difference between dives is that some dictate that only a 
“minimum deco” (ascent rate in the region of 3 to 10 m/min and a “safety 
stop”) and others dictate one or more “decompression stops”.
Reffering to minimum deco dives as no-deco dives helps, in my oppinion, 
to perpetuate the notion that decompression is a somewhat "obscure" and 
"esoteric" thing that matters only to experienced or "technical" divers 
and that it's relevant only on some of out dives.

I know this is a controversial issue and I certainly don't want to 
impose my views on anyone, but I'd like to have your opinions on whether 
to apply this view on our manual, or just keep this to myself...

Thanks in advance:

Pedro Neves
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