Donwloading from suunto zoop

Erick Mezzoni erick.mezzoni at
Wed Feb 12 13:29:43 UTC 2014

Thanks for your answer linus. I've all ready try to donwload clicking the
force check mark and nothing is showing in subsurface. I also try to
download it in another pc and nothing happen either.
So what can be happening! The zoop looks like is donwload because the
screen shows that but...
I also try to open a new logbook in subsurface but nothing to.
Still waiting..

Thanks to everyone
El 12/02/2014 16:52, "Linus Torvalds" <torvalds at>

> On Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 1:11 PM, Erick Mezzoni <erick.mezzoni at>
> wrote:
> > How an old file? I downloaded some dive 2 weeks ago but i couldn't make
> it
> > with the dives of my last weekend.
> So if you check the "save libdivecomputer logfile" or "dumpfile"
> It will *only* generate the dumpfile. It's on purpose - but badly
> documented - for debugging purposes.
> So the very fact that you have dump-files makes people worried. If you
> have a dump-file, we don't *expect* the dives to get added to the
> subsurface logs at all. See?
> Dirk - that interface sucks. It's confusing. It's horrid. The dump/log
> thing should be somewhere *far* removed from the "download dives"
> button. A whole different "debug libdivecomputer" menu item or
> something.
> Erick - a few things to look out for when downloading dives:
>  - as mentioned,do *not* check the dumpfile/logfile entries, because
> they turn on the debug-only mode, and the *only* thing you'll get is
> that dumpfile and logfile.
>  - by default, subsurface will ignore older dives if it finds a
> matching dive that it already knows about, so be careful if there is
> *any* chance at all that the date/time of the dive computer has been
> changed. You can use the "force download all dives" checkmark to make
> subsurface ignore the fact that it aleady saw one dive, and will make
> subsurface look if you have older dives that it doesn't know about.
>  - The number of dives that the Zoop says it has in the logbook is
> *not* the same as the number of dives you can actually download. Zoop
> (and all other Suunto dive computers, and most dive computers in
> general) have a separate "statistics over the lifetime of this device"
> and "sample data for the last N dives". The Zoop only remembers
> roughly the last 10-20 dives or so as individual dives (depends on how
> long they were and what your sample rate is)
> So there might be a number of things that are wrong, that aren't wrong
> in subsurface itself. It's hard to tell from your description.
>                Linus
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