Import from Suunto Cobra TC not possible

Jef Driesen jef at
Fri Feb 14 23:11:28 UTC 2014

On 14-02-14 17:06, Wolfgang Uhl wrote:
> wow, that's quick response!

Answering emails is easy. Fixing the problem usually takes a bit longer :-)

> Allright, i only enabled logfile, but not dump and
> started the import again, please find the logfile attached.

Ok, this seems to be the same problem as reported for the Suunto Zoop a few days 
ago. The logfile you send me shows a full dump was downloaded, and not the dives.

@Dirk: I downloaded the Subsurface v4.0.2 Windows binary, and I can confirm the 
problem. When I start subsurface (with an empty file), go straight to the dive 
computer download dialog and try to download dives, subsurface will download a 
full memory dump instead of the dives. This is with both logfile and dumpfile 
disabled. (For completeness, I canceled before the download has finished, such 
that the download window isn't closed.)

If I now check the dumpfile option, and try again, it downloads a memory dump as 
expected. (Again I canceled.) But if I now uncheck the dumpfile option and try 
one last time, the dives are starting to download.

So there is definitely something wrong with the Windows binary on the website. 
I'm unable to reproduce this on linux (with a self compiled binary from tag v4.0.2).


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