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On 17 Feb 2014, at 23:57, Dirk Hohndel <dirk at> wrote:

> This does not include the promised whitespace overhaul.
> Instead I added a few outstanding patches and went down the rabbit hole
> of trying to track down a crash with Robert's image shift patches.
> Here's how I can reliably reproduce this.
> Open a dive log in Subsurface - one of the test dives will do.
> Right click on a dive and pick "load images"
> Pick a few images
> Click "select image of divecomputer showing time
> select one
> click OK
> This reliably overwrites memory with garbage for me. Depending how many
> images I pick and which ones, it often leads to a crash.
> Tomaz offered to look at this as I wasted way too much time on it
> (basically I lost all the time I had intended to cleanup the code base
> instead). So I am checking this in, but be careful - you have been
> warned that this overwrites memory, so don't play with it using your
> ream data file.

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I don?t know enough C++ to understand why this patch works but the upshot is: The crash was caused when lastUsedImageDir was called from another class and was called via on DiveList object. Making it a static function to be called with DiveList::lastUsedImageDir makes the crash go away.

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