Any CCR divers on this list?

Jan Birk jan.g.birk at
Wed Feb 19 07:20:24 UTC 2014


I am a CCR diver, but only for 3 years. So not much experience. But the 
basics I can help with.

(Inspiration Tx)

I would like to help out if I can?


Den 19-02-2014 15:05, Paul Sargent skrev:
>     We have had several requests for enhanced capabilities for CCR diving.
>     I have added this as one of the proposals for the Google Summer of Code
>     application, but we really need at least some internal support from a
>     CCR diver to make sure this all makes sense. Ideally the CCR diver would
>     be willing to mentor the student, but I'm also willing to do the
>     mentoring myself as long as I know we have a CCR diver around who can
>     help on some of the questions that I'm sure will come up...
>     /D
> Hi Dirk,
> Just seen your email to the subsurface list looking for CCR divers. 
> I'm not a subscriber to the list, but I do follow subsurface 
> development when I have time (we've chatted over a bug in the past). 
> I'm currently around the 50-60 hours mark on my CCR, currently dive 
> just air, but looking to do trimix this year.
> I'm happy to help out if I can. My time is limited on the coding side, 
> and that's why I've not subscribed to the list, but I'm happy to 
> answer questions on CCR diving. I have several CCR buddies as well, so 
> can always ask around them for opinions, etc...
> Let me know
> Paul
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