Gsoc idea: Android downloader

Anton Lundin glance at
Wed Feb 26 00:45:53 PST 2014


One idea i bin playing with is how to make the Android port capable of
downloading data from divecomputers.

Android doesn't contain a serial api, and it doesn't include the usual
usb-serial drivers that comes along in the Linux source tree.

It provides enough attachment points as far as i can understand that we
would be capable to run a usb-serial driver in userspace.

The current Android builds contains libdivecomputer and libusb. To make
this possible we would need to extend libdivecomputer to talk to usb
devices in other ways on android. There are a bunch of libraries to talk
to the most common usb-serial chips available.[1,2,3]

I don't know now the Gsoc ideas list work, but his might be a interesting
task to put on that list. A good scope would probably be to create a
downloader-only port of subsurface for the time being.



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