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Em qua 26 fev 2014, às 16:38:15, Dirk Hohndel escreveu:
> On Wed, 2014-02-26 at 17:54 -0600, Alberto Corona wrote:
> > Alright so, I've gone through either building most of the dependencies
> > natively, or using the binaries and I'd like to make a few changes to
> > the instructions. Most notably using Cygwin instead of Msysgit as
> > Cygwin has an installer that offers some of the dependencies that are
> > needed. This will let the user just select packages from a list (also
> > has search) instead of having to go to different sites to download
> > them. Also, the link to mingw given in the instructions links to a
> > pretty old version of mingw32-gcc (gcc vesion 4.4.0). I've run into a
> > few issues though, mostly with pkg-config, spaces in directories and
> > even parenthesis in directories.
> I'm totally open to asking people to use Cygwin.

I don't think that's a good idea. Cygwin is meant for Unix applications that 
have not been ported to Windows. Qt does not work under cygwin. It uses the 
native Win32 API and expects it to be have like Windows, not like a 
bastardised Unix.

And you cannot mix libraries built for one with libraries built for the other. 
The base C library is different.

As for the issue of the GCC version being old, feel free to get a newer 
version of MinGW. The Qt 4.8.6 pre-release packages are now built with a new 
MinGW too:

> When playing with native builds in the past I've shied away from that as
> it is so huge, but if you get something that works and is consistent and
> somewhat easy to do... I'm fine with Cygwin.
> pkg-config is a known issue. I think you simply need to work around it
> and make sure that the .pro and .pri files don't require it.
> As for spaces and parenthesis in directories. Yeah, that's one of the
> things about Windows that always get me frustrated. I don't have good
> advise there...

The only advice I can give is to use paths without spaces. Any tooling that 
uses space-separated lists, like qmake and make, are bound to have problems 
with paths containing spaces.

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